New Horizons' Annual Open Meeting 26 January 2014

This year's meeting was held at Marple Conservative Club, adjacent to the mooring for New Horizons.

The meeting was opened at 12-30 with a summary by the Chairman, James Dunlop, of the year's activities and thanked all those who gave their time and effort thus creating an optimistic picture for the year.


The Treasurer, Stuart Hodgson, followed this with his report that there had been some concern that one our major donors from overseas had passed away but a substantial donation had been received from the foundation concerned, which makes a great difference to our finances.

Income from passengers was increased.

Donations were broadly steady.

Fund raising realised about £4,800.

This gave a healthy surplus of about £3,000 compared to a small deficit last year.


Another busy year.

In January a new oil cooler was fitted to the engine. While the coolant system was empty we renewed all rubber hoses. The batteries were also moved to the top locker for ease of access.

The main cabin was re-cladded and painted. The shower was removed from the toilet area and a new floor laid. The exterior of the boat was painted.

The 2013 season commenced in the last 2 weeks of March.

In April the Mayor was taken on his annual trip. A day was arranged for all potential volunteers who had expressed an interest in helping on the boat. From this we managed to sign up six new volunteers.

In June the boat was in attendance at the Whaley weekend and also the Marple carnival. Also this year we had the Marple Locks festival where the New Horizons was the main attraction. The Mayor was taken on a trip down the locks to the park.

In July we lost the prop from the boat which resulted in the boat being laid up for four days. With the help of the North Cheshire Cruising Club we managed to fit a new prop and get back to cruising with the minimum delay.

In August the winners of our raffle were taken on a 2 hour trip and provided with afternoon tea.

In September we attended North Cheshire's 70th. Anniversary. The remainder of the season went well.

I would like to thank Joan Sheridan for all her hard work organising the competition looking for worthy nominations for a trip on New Horizons. This was done with the help of the Review newspaper. We had a good response and the winners were taken for a days trip with buffet and champagne, all organised by Joan.

Many thanks also to Marian Eyres for her help in taking and co-ordinating bookings throughout the year.

Sincere thanks to all the skippers and volunteers for their help and assistance throughout the season. Special thanks to Dave Sherratt for his help and support.

The year ended with the New Horizons once again transporting Father Christmas into Marple on the evening of 6th December. The event was well attended and a good time was had by all.

Peter Sharp, Skipper.

Total number of passengers carried MAR-OCT 2013.

MAY 194
JUNE 457
JULY 326
TOTAL 2,205

Total number of trips: Full Day. AM, PM. Evening

MARCH: Full Day 1; PM 1.

APRIL: Full Day 1; AM 2; PM 5.

MAY: Full Day 7; AM 2; PM 9; Evening 1.

JUNE: Full Day 7; AM 9; PM 11; Evening 4.

JULY: Full Day 13; AM 4; PM 12; Evening 3; 4 days cancelled to fit new prop.

AUGUST: Full Day 6; AM 12; PM 23; Evening 4.

SEPTEMBER: Full Day 8; AM 9; PM 17; Evening 2; 1 day cancelled for new switch on lift.

OCTOBER: Full Day 3; AM 4; PM 7.

Peter Sharp, Skipper. November 2013.

NEW HORIZONS Fundraising Report

It has been a good year for fundraising activities and events.
It has been good to see new volunteers joining us at these events as the more people involved the easier the days run. It has also been a distinct advantage that we haven't got wet at all at Festivals this year and in some instances the sun has been more of an issue. It has also been good having more support in the preparation of the goods for sale prior to the events. The range of goods and activities available has increased yet again and we now have a regular clientele at many events.


We have attended 5 events and festivals this year.
Whaley Bridge 2 days £1,109
Marple Carnival £457
Locks festival - £656
Food Fair - £1185
Christmas Cracker - £960
Total £4367

Jams, Jellies. Marmalades and Chutney

This year we have had 33 different types of produce, made 660 jars and used 298.5lbs of sugar.
The freezers are full and we are ready to start the process again for the 2014 season.

Knitting and soft toys etc.

It is good that the number of people contributing in this area has increased this year (Rowena, Joan, Wendy and Jenny) and it continues to be a steady part of the shop trade as well as at events an festivals.


The football game continues to be popular, with the youngsters (and the not so young) this year it has averaged over £100 an outing and contributes significantly to festival totals. Thanks go to Tony who turns up dressed as a referee and runs the game for us.


We continue to do well every time we go out with a Tombola, this is down to the generosity of volunteers and Marple Traders, in prizes donated and time to actually run the stall as well as the time spent by Bob and Peter labelling and Bob folding tickets.

Thanks also go to the people of Marple who visit our stalls, support our fundraising and don't forget us when other opportunities for gaining additional funds arise.

Boat sales

The shop on the boat continues to work well with most of the sales being at the weekends or with family groups. We need to assess the range of the stock and see if we can identify any additional products we can add to the range.

Float the Boat

This is a scheme where you can sponsor a slice of the boat, a full slice is £20 pa which gift aided is £25.60, a half slice is £10 which gift aided is £12.80, we have an annual draw in which sponsors can win a free trip on the boat. If you are interested in joining I have some forms available.

Easy Fundraising

SCBT is registered with Easy Fundraising, this site allows businesses to donate a small % to the Charity when you shop online with them. Currently our cause donations stand at £45.99, however Bob and I are £43.67 of this, we only have supporters registered on line, a few more would help.

Key Dates for 2014

Whaley Water Weekend 7th and 8th June.
Marple Carnival 21 June
Food Fair September
Christmas Cracker 6th December

Needed: 2000 Tombola Prizes



Marple Civic Society have submitted a new plan to the Council but have had no response yet, so the situation is still fluid and we work from year to year. Whatever the outcome, New Horizons will be involved in some way but we just have to wait and see what transpires.

There will be another VOLUNTEER OPEN DAY this year in MAY, as last year's event was quite productive of new volunteers in various fields.

BROCHURE AND WEBSITE UPDATE is ongoing, on-line booking is not now being considered as it is technically difficult for a small organisation such as ours.

Suggestions for a MAJOR RAFFLE PRIZE are invited and more items for TOMBOLA PRIZES are always welcome.

It was agreed that the new time and venue were acceptable. The meeting closed about 2-00 pm.

Queens Award for Voluntary Services

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