Booking Numbers

Line One: 07413 565150  Main Number (Booking and Enquiries)

Line Two: 07413 550428 (Bookings, Enquiries and Accounts)

Please do not use SMS for for bookings, these may not be monitored. Face Book enquiries welcome.

Watch this video to see what a trip on the Peak Forest Canal with New Horizons is like:

Day cruises on New Horizons are normally along either the Macclesfield Canal or the Peak Forest Canal. For more information take a look at 'Cruising Options' on the BOOKING INFORMATION page.


New Horizons is under the command of a full-time qualified skipper to ensure the boat's availability and the safety of passengers. The skipper and crew are all trained for inland waterways navigation. The boat is licensed by The Canal and River Trust and complies with boat safety requirements and is inspected at regular intervals by a marine surveyor.

Photo Credits

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